Friday, February 26, 2010

Amaha Linux Home Server

Amaha Linux Home Server is not a Linux Distro but a collection of software packed as presented with a web-managed console. It sits on top of the version of Fedora 12.

The Amahi Linux Home Server core purpose makes your home networking simple. According to the Project website, it has a number of features that
  1. Audio Streaming with the Amahi Tunes, a customised Firefly Media Server.
  2. VPN using preconfigured OpenVPN
  3. Networking including DNS, Web Servers and NAS Server
  4. File Sharing
  5. Hardware monitoring
  6. Amaha Private Wiki
  7. Backup to a network share
  8. Vista Calendar Integration 
  9. Outlook Integration
  10. ICal Integration
  11. For more information, do look at Amahi Feature Gallery

Before you install Amahi Linux Home Server, you have to install Fedora 12 and add the Amahi repository in. Use the web-based console to configure the services you need.

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