Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gmond dead but subsys locked for ganglia monitoring daemon

Following the tutorial instructions from Installing and configuring Ganglia on CentOS 5.x ,I've installed ganglia and ganglia-gmond. However when I attempt to start the gmond service
# service gmond start
Somehow the service refused to start. When I try another way to start the service
# /etc/init.d/gmond start
I notice the error, and the service do not start
gmond dead but subsys locked

To Solve the Issue
Step 1: Turn the Debug Level at /etc/gmond.conf to 100 found at the "globals" section

globals {
daemonize = yes
setuid = yes
user = ganglia
debug_level = 100
max_udp_msg_len = 1472
mute = no
deaf = no
host_dmax = 0 /*secs */
cleanup_threshold = 300 /*secs */
gexec = no

Step 2: Start the Service again.We should be able to see the error that caused "gmond dead but subsys locked". In my case, it is due to somehow my passwd file does not contain ganglia user. After fixing this missing user group, I was able to restart the ganglia-gmond daemon sucessfully.

For additional Information  on /etc/gmond.conf, you may want to use man pages or go to

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