Monday, October 22, 2012

NFS4 Client unable to mount Server NFS4 file

When I was mounting NFSv4 on a CentOS 5 client with a CentOS 6 Server. I receive the error......
# mount -t /home
mount.nfs4: failed, reason given by server: 
No such file or directory.

My NSFv4 Server exports

On the NFSv4 Server, I recall I export file system and restart the nfs server
# exportfs -av
# service nfs start

 I was having the issue, because I fail to understand the characteristics of the NFSv4. In NFSv4, it uses the virtual file system to present the server’s export and associated root filehandles to the client. The keep idea is to look what it mean fsid=0 on the NFS Server. For more information, do look at
A brief look at the difference between NFSv3 and NFSv4

The solution is to
# mount -t nfs4 /home

and the solution is there.

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