Thursday, July 23, 2015

GPFS Client Node cannot be added to the GPFS cluster

At the NSD Node, I issue the command
# mmaddnode -N node1
Thu Jul 23 13:40:12 SGT 2015: mmaddnode: Processing node node1
mmaddnode: Node node1 was not added to the cluster.
The node appears to already belong to a GPFS cluster.
mmaddnode: mmaddnode quitting.  None of the specified nodes are valid.
mmaddnode: Command failed.  Examine previous error messages to determine cause.
If we do a mmcluster, the node is not around in the cluster
# mmcluster |grep node1
If the node is not in the cluster, issue this command on the client node that could not be added:
# mmdelnode -f
mmdelnode: All GPFS configuration files on node goldsvr1 have been removed.
Reissue the mmaddnode command. References:
  1. Node cannot be added to the GPFS cluster

permission denied on .gvfs on CentOS 6

If you encounter a user who has this issue and it is often noticed when we do a rsync, Do take a look at this forum thread permission denied on .gvfs

The solution is found when I umount the .gvfs

# umount /home/useraccount/.gvfs

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Deleting Users' Crontab

Users' Crontab are stored in /var/spool/cron/
If you need to clean out a user crontab files, you can delete the file there.