Saturday, December 31, 2016

Security Alert - Switcher Android Trojan Targets Wireless Routers

The Switcher Android Trojan uses infected Android devices to attack wireless routers by performing brute force attacks on the routers’ admin web interfaces. If the attacks succeed, Switcher hijacks the Domain Name Server (DNS) by changing the IP addresses of the DNS servers in the router settings and then reroutes all DNS queries to the attackers’ servers.  As a result, Switcher is able to redirect all connected users to malicious IP addresses when they enter legitimate domain addresses, thereby exposing them to a broad range of attacks including phishing and malware infection.

There is currently no indication of Switcher infection in Singapore. However, Singapore users should nevertheless adopt the necessary preventive measures to avoid potential infection.

  1. "Switcher" Android Trojan Hacks Routers, Hijacks Traffic

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Compiling glibc-2.14 on CentOS 6

Step 1: Download glibc-2.14 from GNU Site
# wget

Step 2: Untar and Preparation
# tar zxvf glibc-2.14.tar.gz
# cd glibc-2.14
# mkdir build
# cd build

Step 3: Compile and install
# ../configure --prefix=/usr/local/glibc-2.14
# make -j8
# make install

Friday, December 2, 2016

Error polling HP CQ with status WORK REQUEST FLUSHED ERROR status on LSF Platform

I was encountering "Error polling HP CQ with status WORK REQUEST FLUSHED ERROR status" during OpenMPI run and it was occuring randomly.

I suspect it is due to nodes issue. I checked the LSF /opt/lsf/log/sbatchd.log.comp001. It is definitely an authentication issue with AD. I'm using centrify.

acctMapTo: No valid user name found for job 149044, userName(mr_x) failed:Success
runEexec: getOSUid_() failed. Bad user ID

I did a
$ badmin hclose comp001

and then restart centrify services. Alternatively, you can reboot if you want a clean start.

The OpenMPI could run again.