Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to find relocated N series downloads from IBM Portals

If you are looking for N Series downloads from IBM. Do find it at the link  How to find relocated N series downloads

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Error qmgr obj= svr=default: Bad ACL entry in host list MSG=First bad host

I encountered this error when following Torque Administratrion Guide. To mitigate the error, remember to put in the PATH
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/torque/x86_64.bin:/opt/torque/x86_64/sbin

Remember to source the file :)

If after the above insert, it does not work, just do it manually
pbs_server -t create

Manually check that the pbs_server database is created
[root@headenode torque-4.2.10]# ps -afe|grep "pbs_server -t create"
root     26644     1  0 16:06 ?        00:00:01 pbs_server -t create
root     30318  2682  0 16:21 pts/0    00:00:00 grep pbs_server -t create

File Test Operators

If you writing BASH, you may want to look at the File Test Operators written by Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide:

Simple BASH script to setup shared SSH keys on Cluster

Do take a look at Simple BASH script to setup shared SSH keys on Cluster.

This can be run in the user directory to allow passwordless access through nodes in the cluster. 

SSH-keygen non-interactive command

If you want a non-interactive ssh-keygen command direct from ssh-keygen itself, see
# ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Installing scipy and other scientific packages using pip3 for Python 3.4.1

I wanted to install the packages using pip3. Before you can successfully install the python packages, do note that you have to make sure the following packages are found in your CentOS 6.

# yum install blas blas-devel lapack lapack-devel numpy

After you install according to Compiling and Configuring Python 3.4.1 on CentOS The packages that I want to install are numpy scipy matplotlib ipython ipython[notebook] pandas sympy nose

# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install numpy
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install scipy
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install matplotlib
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install ipython[notebook]
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install pandas
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install sympy
# /usr/local/python-3.4.1/bin/pip install nose

Monday, April 20, 2015

Accessing LSF batch job ID and array ID

The variables are as followed:

LSB_JOBID: LSF assigned job ID
LSB_BATCH_JID: Array job ID. Includes job ID and array index number
LSB_JOBINDEX: Job array index

  1. Accessing LSF batch job ID and array ID within job environment

Thursday, April 16, 2015

APT30 and the Mechanics of a long-running cyber espionage operation

FireEye has released a recent report detailing the movements, methods and motives of a cyber-hacking group named “APT30” which specializes in comprising corporations, institutions and government agencies in the South East Asian geographical area. 

For more information, do take a look at

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Using ibdiagnet to generate topology of the network.

You can use the ibdiagnet to generate the topology of the IB Network simply by using the "-w" switch
# ibdiagnet -w /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- ibdiagnet database file   : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.db_csv
-I- LST file                  : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.lst
-I- Topology file             : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Subnet Manager file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Ports Counters file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Nodes Information file    : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.nodes_info
-I- Partition keys file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.pkey
-I- Alias guids file          : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.aguid

# vim /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/

# This topology file was automatically generated by IBDM

SX6036G Left-Leaf-SW03
U1/P1 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad05 U1/P1
U1/P17 -4x-14G-> SX6012 Right-Spine-SW02 U1/P2
U1/P18 -4x-14G-> SX6012 Left-Spine-SW01 U1/P2
U1/P2 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad07 U1/P1
U1/P3 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad03 U1/P1
U1/P4 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad04 U1/P1
U1/P6 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad06 U1/P1