Saturday, April 4, 2015

Using ibdiagnet to generate topology of the network.

You can use the ibdiagnet to generate the topology of the IB Network simply by using the "-w" switch
# ibdiagnet -w /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- ibdiagnet database file   : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.db_csv
-I- LST file                  : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.lst
-I- Topology file             : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Subnet Manager file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Ports Counters file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/
-I- Nodes Information file    : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.nodes_info
-I- Partition keys file       : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.pkey
-I- Alias guids file          : /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/ibdiagnet2.aguid

# vim /var/tmp/ibdiagnet2/

# This topology file was automatically generated by IBDM

SX6036G Left-Leaf-SW03
U1/P1 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad05 U1/P1
U1/P17 -4x-14G-> SX6012 Right-Spine-SW02 U1/P2
U1/P18 -4x-14G-> SX6012 Left-Spine-SW01 U1/P2
U1/P2 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad07 U1/P1
U1/P3 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad03 U1/P1
U1/P4 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad04 U1/P1
U1/P6 -4x-14G-> HCA_1 mtlacad06 U1/P1

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