Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Error qmgr obj= svr=default: Bad ACL entry in host list MSG=First bad host

I encountered this error when following Torque Administratrion Guide. To mitigate the error, remember to put in the PATH
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/torque/x86_64.bin:/opt/torque/x86_64/sbin

Remember to source the file :)

If after the above insert, it does not work, just do it manually
pbs_server -t create

Manually check that the pbs_server database is created
[root@headenode torque-4.2.10]# ps -afe|grep "pbs_server -t create"
root     26644     1  0 16:06 ?        00:00:01 pbs_server -t create
root     30318  2682  0 16:21 pts/0    00:00:00 grep pbs_server -t create

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