Thursday, March 19, 2009

Xen: Invalid Source and/or Image destination

Xen Virtualisation comes with Redhat Enterprise 5 and its variant such as CentOS 5. A pretty cool package which allow full and para Virtualisation.

Very clear instruction can be found at Virtualization Guide

However during installation, I encounter a error where somehow I cannot install Media URL. I've tried NFS, but it didn't work.

To resolve this issue, look at the CentOS Discussion Forum. Initially I tried to use iso image but couldn't get it to work

  1. Start the Apache Service
  2. Place the CentOS DVD Disk into the Drive
  3. Do a Softlink from "ln -s /media/CentOS_5.2_Final /var/www/html/dvd"
  4. Of course first check that you can see the
  5. Run Virt-Manager

The rest will be quite a breeze

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