Tuesday, April 14, 2009

qdel: Server could not connect to MOM

If you encounter this error "qdel: Server could not connect to MOM" and you are using OpenPBS or PBS Pro, your users might encounter a problem where you are unable to kill the job.

Usually the error above there is a problem on pbs_mom on the compute node.

Step 1: Check the Queue and check the node that the jobs lands on
# qstat -a (for summary)
# qstat -n (You will see where the nodes the job lands)

Step 2: Try to kill as cluster administrator.
# qdel 
*If you are not able to delete the job somehow
Step 3: Try restarting PBS Mom on the client
# service pbs_mom restart

Step 4: If Step 3 is not workable, it might be due to connection issues or hardware problems
# ssh compute_node_1

If you cannot, you have to remote KVM into the server to take a look

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