Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Using Preload to boot startup and general performance for Fedora

Preload is a daemon that analyses what you do and fetches the binaries you're mostly likely to use to boost starup and general performance. To make a very superficial comparison, it is similar to Windows Superfetch

Note 1: To install preload on Fedora 11
# yum install preload

Note 2: To tweak the preload configuration, you can tweak the
# /etc/preload.conf
(the default value should work well for all most users)

Note 3: To view the log file of the preload daemon
# less /var/log/preload.log

Note 4: If you wish to take a look on what Preload is caching for you, you go to
# /var/lib/preload/preload.state

Note 5: To ensure that the preload daemon is startup everytime
# chkconfig --level 35 preload on

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