Thursday, April 15, 2010

Installing Cluster OpenMP* for Intel® Compilers

OpenMP* is a high level, pragma-based approach to parallel application programming. Cluster OpenMP is a simple means of extending OpenMP parallelism to 64-bit Intel® architecture-based clusters. It allows OpenMP code to run on clusters of Intel® Itanium® or Intel® 64 processors, with only slight modifications. 

Cluster OpenMP use requires that you already have the latest version of the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux* and/or the Intel® Fortran Compiler for Linux*.

Benefits of Cluster OpenMP
  1. Simplifies porting of serial or OpenMP code to clusters.
  2. Requires few source code modifications, which eases debugging.
  3. Allows slightly modified OpenMP code to run on more processors without requiring investment in expensive Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) hardware.
  4. Offers an alternative to MPI. Is easier to learn and faster to implement.

How to Install Cluster OpenMP.
  1. Installing Cluster OpenMP is simple. First you have to install Intel Compilers. For more information, see Blog Entry Free Non-Commercial Intel Compiler Download
  2. After installation of the Compilers, download the Cluster OpenMP License File from Cluster OpenMP Download site
  3. Place the Cluster OpenMP License file at the License Directory. Usually it is at /opt/intel/licenses
  4. With the Cluster OpenMP license file in place it will make it possible to use either the “-cluster-openmp” or “-cluster-openmp-profile” compiler options with your compiler when compiling a program.

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