Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rough Guide to Clouds Computing - File Sharing

Interesting book on Clouds Computing on Internet. I read this sniffy little book "The rough guide to cloud computing" by Peter Buckley. It seems sometimes for users cloud computing seem quite mysterious but most of us are already on cloud consciously or not.

I like the session on storage and office tool. Buy the book if you are curious. Some of the interesting site mentioned are
File Sharing
    Transfer large files if they are too big for email. Upload up to 2GB per file.
  2. RapidShare
    Upload up to 200MB file and even spilt archive
  3. You Send It
    Upload up to 2GB per file
Online Storage
  1. Microsoft SkyDrive
    Can provide up to 25GB on storage for anyone with a Windows Live
  2. Microsoft Live Mesh
    Allow syncing of files between the cloud and seperate pcs. Interesting! Up to 5GB
  3. Sugarsync
    Award-winning file backup & sync software. Up to 2GB.
For more read the book :)

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