Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Intel Unveils New Product Plans for High-Performance Computing - Knight Corners

A possible non-GP-GPU route with many CPU on a chip? As intel put it Single Chip Cloud Computer

During the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), Intel Corporation announced plans to deliver new products based on the Intel® Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture that will create platforms running at trillions of calculations per second, while also retaining the benefits of standard Intel processors...... [Read On "Intel Unveils New Product Plans for High-Performance Computing"]

Do Read
  1. Futuristic Intel Chip Could Reshape How Computers are Built, Consumers Interact with Their PCs and Personal Devices
  2. A webcast of Kirk Skaugen's International Supercomputing 2010 keynote presentation will be available here: lecture2go.uni-hamburg.de/live.
  3. Keynote Presentation: Petascale to Exascale - Extending Intel’s HPC Commitment (PDF 7.6MB)

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