Friday, October 29, 2010

Encountering State Initializing after installing Voltaire Drivers

First thing first,

For more information on downloading the appropriate Voltaire Drivers, see blog entry Download Voltaire OFED Drivers for CentOS. After you have downloaded the appropriate and install Voltaire Drivers, you may encounter something like:

CA 'mlx4_0'
        CA type: MT26428
        Number of ports: 1
        Firmware version: 2.6.0
        Hardware version: a0
        Node GUID: 0x0008f1476328oaf0
        System image GUID: 0x0008fd6478a5af3
        Port 1:
                State: Initializing
                Physical state: LinkUp
                Rate: 40
                Base lid: 2
                LMC: 0
                SM lid: 14
                Capability mask: 0x0251086a
                Port GUID: 0x0008f103467a5af1

It is due to the Subnet Manager (opensm) not being installed. Voltaire OFED Installation package installed only the OpenIB Packages. Even if you have install the opensm before installing the Voltaire OFED Package, the Voltaire OFED Package will uninstall the existing opensm packages to ensure openib packages are fully compatible.

To install the Opensm packages nicely, do read on the blog entry Installing Voltaire QDR Infiniband Drivers for CentOS 5.4

Other good reasing materials:
  1. RHEL and Infiniband - basic diagnostics

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