Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Memory retention Failure, unflushed cach lost on IBM Server using ServeRAID-8k

This week we encountered this critical error on our IBM Server using ServeRAID-8K. The Server rebooted and since this server was hosting our VM, several of our VM was disconnected.

Power-cycling didn't help. Bu thanks God there is one cool writeup by a system administration that encounter the same problem. His description of the problem of the ServeRAID-8K and how he tried to fix it is nicely documented.
 Tuesday Outage: It’s RAID-tastic!

To resolve the issues, we just update the RAID-8K firmware. See IBM ServeRAID-8i, 8k, 8k-l and 8s BIOS and firmware update CD v5.2.0 (Build 16002) - IBM BladeCenter and System x

After upgrading the firmware, the problem was fixed!

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Yair said...

Thanks for the info, will try it and let you know if it helped.