Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spirit of Startup. Security of Hewlett Packard

I think most of us have heard about Hewlett Packard spinning of its PC Business. Read the official response from Hewlett Packard what they will do with their PC Business. A new Startup?

Here is the message from their Executive Vice President, Personal Systems Group, Todd Bradley, taken from Hewlett Packard "Spirit of Startup. Security of Hewlett Packard"

HP is the #1 PC maker on the planet, and that won't change. I can assure you our future is brighter than ever.

Spirit of a Startup

Our preferred course to harness our vision of the future is to build a separate, more agile company. It's time to think like a startup again. It's time to be nimble and revolutionary. It's time again for world-changing innovation. And so, it's time we realized we're at a crossroads in an evolving HP.

But don't misunderstand: We-the same great
folks who make HP PCs today-will make them tomorrow. We will continue to build on our legacy creating reliable, stylish, and high-performance PCs to improve your personal and professional life.

This is the future we are passionate about, and we hope this site will answer all your questions and leave you feeling as inspired and excited as we are for what lies ahead.

Security of HP
  • We became #1 by focusing on our customers' needs.
  • On its own, our PC business would be the 60th largest Fortune 500 company.
  • We sell two PCs every second.
  • We provide personal computing products, services, and support for customers in over
    170 countries.
  • We have been dedicated to our customers for over 70 years, and we look forward to many,
    many more.

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