Monday, December 19, 2011

Upgrading of Broadcom Drivers to resolve eth0 NIC SerDES Link is Down

If the post Encountering eth0 NIC SerDES Link is Down did not resolve your issue and you are still encountering "eth0 NIC SerDES Link" issues, do upgrade the Broadcom Drivers from your vendor site and it will eliminate your issue immediately. Since my vendor is IBM, so I downloaded the Broadcom BNX2 Drivers
Broadcom BNX2 driver version bnx2-2.0.23b for RHEL 5 - IBM System x and BladeCenter

If you are not sure what is your version of drivers, you can do a
# ethtool -i eth0

The version 2.0.8 and above should resolve the above issue

Oh yes, if you are using IBM Products and the above drivers from IBM, after unpacking the drivers from IBM and ensuring you have the necessary prerequistics, just do a

If you are using the Free Clone of Redhat which includes CentOS or Scientific Linux, you may want to temporarily modify the /etc/redhat-release information to simulate a real RHEL Distribution. Vendor patches often requires RHEL distribution

#CentOS release 5.4 (Final)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 5

# mkdir brcm
# cd brcm
# tar -zxvf brcm_dd_nic_netxtreme2-2.0.23b_1.62.15_rhel5_32-64.tgz
# ./ --update 

 INSTALL_OPTIONS --yes --update

        Drivers will be installed/migrated to 2.6.18-164 version

Checking kmod-brcm-netxtreme2-6.2.23-1.x86_64.rpm
WARNING: Non Whitelist symbol detected
kmod-brcm-netxtreme2-6.2.23-1.x86_64.rpm installed successfully

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