Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lowest Latency Switch in the World ?

Gnodal GS-Series is registering an impressive record for ulta-low latency switches. Their enterprise switch GS7200 has the following records. The URL can be found at GS7200 Features and Benefits

  1. High Port Count 72 SFP+ port, 1U top-of-rack Ethernet switch enables network consolidation at minimal cost
  2. Ultra-low Latency Sub 150ns port-to-port with extremely low jitter, ideal for latency sensitive applications
  3. High Throughput 1.5 Tb/s non-blocking throughput and forwarding capacity exceeding 1 Bpps. Ideal for bandwidth hungry, data-intensive applications in High Performance Data Centers
  4. Minimized TCO Typical power consumption of 1.6W per port substantially reduces operating costs. Reliability and serviceability are ensured with hot-swappable, redundant PSUs and fans

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