Wednesday, March 28, 2012

INIT failed status and Problem communicating with BSMP on IBM Blade Chassis

I have a fully loaded Blade Chassis H (ie 14 Blades). I have the following symptoms similar to what was written in IBM Site INIT failed status - IBM BladeCenter HS22, HS22V


0X0021600 / Symptom:

BladeCenter HS22 or HS22V status is reported as Init Failed and the following error is posted in the Advanced Management Module (AMM) event log:

0x00216000 Problem communicating with BSMP

The chassis has 14 blades installed.


Remove one blade from the chassis.

Install AMM firmware v3.54L (BPET54L) or later.

The file is available by selecting the appropriate machine type on the 'Software and device drivers - IBM BladeCenter' web page, at the following URL:

IBM  Blade Chassis Product View


Select the correct Blade Chassis Product. Since I am using Blade Chassis H, my fixes were

(IBM BladeCenter Advanced Management Module Firmware Update)

The patching will require restart of the AMM. Restarting the Advanced Management Module will disconnect your current session. 

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