Thursday, May 2, 2013

Deleting Nodes from a GPFS Cluster

Taken from Deleting Nodes from a GPFS Cluster (IBM)

Step 1: Shutdown the Nodes before deleting
On the NSD Node
# mmshutdown -N node01

mmshutdown -N node01 
Wed May  1 01:09:51 SGT 2013: mmshutdown: Starting force unmount of GPFS file systems
Wed May  1 01:09:56 SGT 2013: mmshutdown: Shutting down GPFS daemons
node01:  Shutting down!
node01:  'shutdown' command about to kill process 10682
node01:  Unloading modules from /lib/modules/2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64/extra
node01:  Unloading module mmfs26
node01:  Unloading module mmfslinux
node01:  Unloading module tracedev
Wed May  1 01:10:04 SGT 2013: mmshutdown: Finished

Step 2: Deleting a Node
# mmdelnode -N node01

Verifying GPFS is stopped on all affected nodes ...
mmdelnode: Command successfully completed
mmdelnode: Propagating the cluster configuration data to all
affected nodes.  This is an asynchronous process.

Step 3: Confirm that the nodes has been deleted
# mmlscluster

Step 4: If you are deleting the client permanently, check and update the license file.
# mmlslicense

Summary information
Number of nodes defined in the cluster:                         20
Number of nodes with server license designation:                 3
Number of nodes with client license designation:                17
Number of nodes still requiring server license designation:      0
Number of nodes still requiring client license designation:      0

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