Monday, August 26, 2013

Announcing the Release of MVAPICH2 2.0a, MVAPICH2-X 2.0a and OSU Micro-Benchmarks (OMB) 4.1

The MVAPICH team is pleased to announce the release of MVAPICH2 2.0a, MVAPICH2-X 2.0a (Hybrid MPI+PGAS (OpenSHMEM) with Unified Communication
Runtime) and OSU Micro-Benchmarks (OMB) 4.1.

Features, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes for MVAPICH2 2.0a (since MVAPICH2 1.9GA release) are listed here.

* Features and Enhancements (since 1.9GA):
     - Based on MPICH-3.0.4
     - Dynamic CUDA initialization. Support GPU device selection after MPI_Init
     - Support for running on heterogeneous clusters with GPU and non-GPU nodes
     - Supporting MPI-3 RMA atomic operations and flush operations
       with CH3-Gen2 interface
     - Exposing internal performance variables to MPI-3 Tools information
       interface (MPIT)
     - Enhanced MPI_Bcast performance
     - Enhanced performance for large message MPI_Scatter and MPI_Gather
     - Enhanced intra-node SMP performance
     - Tuned SMP eager threshold parameters
     - Reduced memory footprint
     - Improved job-startup performance
     - Warn and continue when ptmalloc fails to initialize
     - Enable hierarchical SSH-based startup with Checkpoint-Restart
     - Enable the use of Hydra launcher with Checkpoint-Restart

* Bug-Fixes (since 1.9GA):
     - Fix data validation issue with MPI_Bcast
         - Thanks to Claudio J. Margulis from University of Iowa for the report
     - Fix buffer alignment for large message shared memory transfers
     - Fix a bug in One-Sided shared memory backed windows
     - Fix a flow-control bug in UD transport
         - Thanks to Benjamin M. Auer from NASA for the report
     - Fix bugs with MPI-3 RMA in Nemesis IB interface
     - Fix issue with very large message (>2GB bytes) MPI_Bcast
         - Thanks to Lu Qiyue for the report
     - Handle case where $HOME is not set during search for MV2 user config file
         - Thanks to Adam Moody from LLNL for the patch
     - Fix a hang in connection setup with RDMA-CM

MVAPICH2-X 2.0a software package provides support for hybrid MPI+PGAS (UPC and OpenSHMEM) programming models with unified communication runtime for emerging exascale systems. This software package provides flexibility for users to write applications using the following programming models with a unified communication runtime: MPI, MPI+OpenMP, pure UPC, and pure OpenSHMEM programs as well as hybrid MPI(+OpenMP) + PGAS (UPC and
OpenSHMEM) programs.

Features and enhancements for MVAPICH2-X 2.0a (since MVAPICH2-X 1.9GA) are as follows:

* Features and Enhancements (since 1.9GA):
     - OpenSHMEM Features
         - Optimized OpenSHMEM Collectives (Improved performance for
           shmem_collect, shmem_barrier, shmem_reduce and shmem_broadcast)

     - MPI Features
         - Based on MVAPICH2 2.0a (OFA-IB-CH3 interface)

     - Unified Runtime Features
         - Based on MVAPICH2 2.0a (OFA-IB-CH3 interface). All the runtime
           features enabled by default in OFA-IB-CH3 interface of
           MVAPICH2 2.0a are available in MVAPICH2-X 2.0a

New features and Enhancements of OSU Micro-Benchmarks (OMB) 4.1 (since OMB
4.0.1 release) are listed here.

* New Features & Enhancements
     - New OpenSHMEM benchmarks
         * osu_oshm_barrier
         * osu_oshm_broadcast
         * osu_oshm_collect
         * osu_oshm_reduce
     - New MPI-3 RMA Atomics benchmarks
         * osu_cas_flush
         * osu_fop_flush

For downloading MVAPICH2 2.0a, MVAPICH2-X 2.0a, OMB 4.1, associated user guides, quick start guide, and accessing the SVN, please visit the following URL:

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