Thursday, April 3, 2014

Selected Papers from Chelsio comparing T5 and IB-FDR

IBM and Chelsio published a paper comparing the performance of representative HPC applications using Chelsio 40Gb iWARP RDMA against IB-FDR. iWARP over 40GbE consistently performs at parity with or better than IB-FDR, transparently to applications. The paper can be found

Chelsio published benchmark results comparing NIC and RDMA performance for Windows 2012-R2 SMB-Direct. RDMA provides a large performance and efficiency boost to SMB, and T5 is the ideal plug-and-play provider.

Chelsio published a benchmark on NFS/RDMA performance comparing IB-FDR and iWARP, again showing the two at performance parity. There is no longer need to compromise on performance or features when choosing Ethernet.

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