Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is now available

Do read Red Hat Website Announcing the General Availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7!

Key Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 features include:
  • Lightweight, portable Docker containers run applications at near bare-metal speed providing isolation and leveraging SELinux for increased security.
  • Improved filesystem enhancements including a default XFS filesystem that supports up to 500TB, improvements to NFS 4 adding extended attributes with SELinux labels, and LVM supporting whole volume snapshots with rollback.
  • Improved interoprability with Microsoft Active Directory domains, allowing Red Hat Enterprise Linux clients to integrate more easily within heterogeneous datacenters.
  • Centralized management of processes, services, security, and other resources using systemd allowing enhanced, granular control of your system.
  • Performance tool utilities such as TUNA, Thermostat, and Performance Co-Pilot to allow you to monitor, measure, and resolve application problems.
  • New management tools like OpenLMI help to create uniformity and standardized administration across systems by managing storage, network, and high-availability resources.
  • Refined control over system subscriptions allows you to set support priority, audit systems reliably, and see how you're using your subscriptions at a glance.
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