Friday, May 8, 2015

Open-Source Remote Desktop Solution X2Go

X2Go is a interesting Remote Desktop Solutionfor Linux and has the following features (from their website)

  1. Graphical Remote Desktop that works well over both low bandwidth and high bandwidth connections
  2. The ability to disconnect and reconnect to a session, even from another client
  3. Support for sound
  4. Support for as many simultaneous users as the computer's resources will support (NX3 free edition limited you to 2.)
  5. Traffic is securely tunneled over SSH
  6. File Sharing from client to server
  7. Printer Sharing from client to server
  8. Easily select from multiple desktop environments (e.g., MATE, GNOME, KDE)
  9. Remote support possible via Desktop Sharing
  10. The ability to access single applications by specifying the name of the desired executable in the client configuration or selecting one of the pre-defined common applications

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