Saturday, August 22, 2009

lshw - Listing hardware specification on CentOS

ishw is a small but useful tool to help you list the hardware of your linux box. Alternatively you can use dmidecode to list hardware too. For more information, you can read blog entry dmidecode - Finding hardware details remotely

To install lshw on CentOS, first ensure you have RPMForge Repository installed. For more information on RPMForge, you can take a look at blog entry Installing RPMForge

Step 1: Install lshw
# yum install lshw

Step 2: Install the gui version of lshw
# yum install lshw-gui

Step 3: To have a quick look of your hardware specification
# lshw -short

Step 4: To view specific hardware, you have to use the class option
# lshw -class memory
(For more information on what class, you can find it from lshw -short)

Step 5: To launch the gui version of lshw
# lshw-gui

  1. lshw Project Page

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