Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NTFSprogs to fix NTFS Issues (Part 1)

For most LINUX Distro, NTFS-3G driver is for reading and writing NTFS Partition. For more information on NTFS-3G, you can look at the NTFS-3G Stable Read and Write Driver for Linux Entry for more information.

NTFS-3G has been stable and popular, the utility is basically to do mounting NTFS file system, reading, writing but it you require create, resize, and clone Partition, you have to use ntfsprogs.

To install ntfsprogs on CentOS, RHEL derivative
# yum install ntfsprogs

To install ntfsprogs on Linux Mint,
# apt-get install ntfsprogs

Look forward for NTFSprogs to fix NTFS Issues (Part 2) for how to use ntfsprogs

For more reading information:
  1. Linux-NTFS Project

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