Monday, November 30, 2009

Installing Subversion on Fedora 11

I was installing Subversion on Fedora 11 using the "Subversion from CentOS" taken from CentOS Wiki and the instruction set work without a hitch. Just a few important commands to take note

Importing commands to take note:
  1. Initial repository layout for MyTestProject
    # svn import /tmp/mytestproject to file://var/www/svn/repos/mytestproject -m

  2. Checking Out
    $ svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject

  3. Edit and Commit
    $ svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject
    $ svn commit -m "Added a line to testconf1.cfg."

  4. Adding and Commit
    $ svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject
    $ svn add configurations/AnotherTestConf2.cfg
    $ svn commit -m "Added something else"

  5. Deleting
    $ svn co http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject
    $ svn delete configurations/AnotherTestConf2.cfg
    $ svn commit -m "Delete something"

  6. Reverting to Previous Version
    $ svn log http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject
    (You will see a complete list of revision numbers along with the comments)
    $ svn co -r (some number) http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject

  7. To add back files to the current repository
    $ svn
    http://yoursvnserver/repos/mytestproject/oldversionfile@NNN ./oldversionfile (where NNN is the revision number)
For more informatio
  1. Version Control with Subversion (Free Online Documents and Ebook)

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