Sunday, November 29, 2009

Using read-edid to extract useful information on PnP Monitor on Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Read-edid utility is a useful tool to help you  extract useful information on PnP Monitor.

According to the read-edid website, if you can't find the data to set your monitor up under XFree86, then read-edid is for you; it should auto detect all necessary info and should even provide a few modes with better refresh rates/resolutions than the standard VESA ones. However, as of now it won't do everything for you; you'll have to edit XF86Config yourself.

To install read-edid utility in Ubuntu or Linux Mint, just do a
# aptitude install read-edid OR
# apt-get install read-edid

The  data obtained by get-edid is in a binary format, so the parse-edid command is available to interpret  it  and  generate  a  human-readable block  of  text  information  that  can  also be included in an XFree86 XF86Config file. It is customary  to  invoke  get-edid  and  parse-edid  together  in  a pipeline.
# get-edid | parse-edid

More information:
  1. Get-edid Website

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