Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Users encountering Invalid Configuration Location on Eclipse

After installing the Eclipse software as according to Eclipse Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) for Linux, your users may encounter error after they type "eclipse"

The error found Locking is not possible in the directory

"/usr/local/eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi. A common reason is that the file system or Runtime Environment does not support file locking for that location. Please choose a different location,or disable file locking passing "=Dosgi.lockling=none" as a VM argument. 'usr/local/eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.orgi/.manager/.fileTableLock (Permission denied)"

To solve the issue, you simply have to initiate a flag "-configuration" and point the location to your home directory
$ eclipse -configuration < location >


Sohail Rizwan said...

Linux fix:

1.) Change permission of eclipse itself wherever you have it installed (in my case Downloads/Programs/eclipse):

sudo chmod -R 777 Downloads/Programs/eclipse

2.) Change permission of workspace wherever you have it located (in my case ~/Documents/):

sudo chmod -R 777 ~/Documents/workspace

Diegox said...

>cd /usr/local/eclipse/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi
>sudo chmod g+w -R .manager/

Waruna said...

Thanks for the blog. It worked.

kittycool said...

Glad to know. :)