Monday, July 25, 2011

Training Materials for HPC, MPI, Blue-Gene, IBM POWER and more by Livermore Computing Center

Livermore Computing Center has provided a series of very useful online Training Manual information for HPC users and administrator. See Livermore Computing Center High Performance Computing Training

The topics includes

  1. Introduction To Parallel Computing
  2. Introduction to Livermore Computing Resources
  3. Moab
  4. Using the Dawn BGP System
  5. BG/L Tutorials
  6. Using ASC Purple
  7. IBM POWER Systems Overview
  8. Linux Clusters Overview
  9. Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  10. Advanced MPI
  11. POSIX Threads Programming
  12. OpenMP
  13. TotalView Debugger
  14. ASC Tri-Lab Code Development Tools Workshop
  15. IBM HPC Toolkit
  16. A Holistic Approach Towards Automatic Performance Analysis and Tuning
  17. Performance Analysis Tools and Topics for LC'S IBM SP Systems
  18. MPI Performance Topics 
  19. Performance Analysis Tools 
  20. Red Storm / XT3 Workshop (LLNL internal only)
  21. Using Scientific Python
  22. Scientific Python II
  23. Using Python Numeric
  24. MPI Parallel Programming In Python

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