Friday, July 8, 2011

Watch out Infiniband! Low Latency Ethernet Switch Chips are closing the gap

One of the most important component that affect Ethernet Switch Latency is the Ethernet Switch Chip. You got to pay attention to the tremendous stide made by GE especially 10GE. The market leader and 1 that I'm personally enthuastic of is actually the switch chips from Fulcrum MicroSystem Inc.

Finally a Low Latency Ethernet Switch Chip that is going to put the heat on Infiniband and will help Managers move towards the Single Fabric at the Data Centre.

Here is some extracts:

FocalPoint, a breakthrough 10G and 40G Ethernet switch chip family, adds several new dimensions to ubiquitous Ethernet, including low latency, fabric convergence, standards adaptability, and scalability. The device family delivers the industry's lowest latency: 200nS as a layer-2 switch; 300nS as a full router with all features enabled.

Combined this with Chelsio Communication cutting edge adapter technology and you have a serious contender to Infiniband

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