Sunday, February 5, 2012

Checking Device Name of CD-ROM in CentOS

If you are checking what is the device name of CD-ROM in CentOS 6, you can install the package wodim which is actually a command line CD/DVD recording program

# yum install wodim

To check the device name of CD-ROM / DVD-ROM,
just type
#  wodim --devices

wodim: Overview of accessible drives (1 found) :
 0  dev='/dev/scd0'     rwrw-- : 'NECVMWar' 'VMware IDE CDR10'

For CentOS 5, somehow they do not have wodim in the commonly used repository. But you can easily deduce from /dev directory. It is usually /dev/dvd or /dev/cdrom. Just check the symbolic links lead to...

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