Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to replace failed disk on N-Series Filer

I had 2 failed disk on 1 aggregate for my N-Series (N3600)  or NetApp FAS2050. I was really thankful that NetApp is RAID-6 with Dual Parity. Here are the steps that I took to quickly replace my failed disks.

Of course, I new that that the disks has failed as I see  amber lights on my failed disks. I verify with the Syslog Messages in my Filer and this confirmed the 2 disks have failed.

NetApp Filer has hot-swappable disks, so it is safe to pull out the failed disks. Do verify that the disks has failed though. One you have replaced the disks, it should automatically detect the correct controller. If it does not, you have to do the following

Controller-A> disk show -n

 DISK       OWNER               POOL
------     -------             ------
0a.76    Not Owned              NONE    

U should see that the disk are unowned. I'm assuming you are using the controller console you are assigning the disk to. Just type

Controller-A> disk assign 0a.76

At your syslog file, you should see the disk being rebuilt. If somehow it the N-Series Filer do not accept the command above, you have to unown the disk again and enter the right controller console and assign the disk again. To unown, use the following command

Controller-A> disk assign 0a.76 -s unowned -f

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