Monday, June 25, 2012

Ganglia Node unable to update Gmetad Node

I was using CentOS 5.5 for the Ganglia Head Node and CentOS 5.7 for the Ganglia node. I followed the blog entry Installing and configuring Ganglia on CentOS 5.x , but somehow the Ganglia Head Node did not register the compute node and there is no error when I used the command

# service gmond restart

Even when I turn on the Ganglia debugging as seen in Gmond dead but subsys locked for ganglia monitoring daemon

The only hint of an issue is to go to the /usr/sbin directory and use the command

# /usr/sbin/gmond --debug=1
You will get this output
Unable to create tcp_accept_channel. Exiting


Actually I realise the version of the Ganglia package and the Ganglia package are not of the same version. My Ganglia  Head Node is v3.0.7. But my Compute Node is v3.1.7, I have to downgrade my Ganglia Node to v3.0.7

First remove the newer version
# yum remove ganglia-gmond

Install the older version
# yum install ganglia-gmond-3.0.7

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