Monday, July 16, 2012

Using MAUI checkjob command

The command checkjob is very useful if you are using MAUI or MOAB to identify jobs issues

1. One of my favourite commands to check why a Job is IDLE is
$ checkjob -v 6235
The above commands display reasons why idle job is blocked ignoring node state and current node utilization constraints
node-c00              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c02              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c03              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c04              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c05              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c06              accepted : 8 tasks supported
node-c07              rejected : CPU
node-c08              rejected : CPU
node-c09              rejected : CPU
Some of the reasons why it is rejected can be due to. The list is not exhausted.

Features - queue or features does not meet requirement 
CPU - CPU does not match requirements
State - Used by other jobs

For more information, see Adaptive Computing checkjob. Do note if you are using MAUI some of the checkjob features are available in the commercial scheduler.

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