Friday, July 6, 2012

Using ntpdate in debugging mode

The command ntpdate set the date and time via NTP. For more information on how to setup the NTP, do look at Configuring NTP Server and Client on CentOS 5.x

I found that a simple flag -d for ntpdate is very helpful
# ntpdate -d

Looking for host and service ntp
host found :
reference time:    d3a041ca.66da1dd6  Fri, Jul  6 2012  0:39:38.401
originate timestamp: d3a04688.94d79870  Fri, Jul  6 2012  0:59:52.581
transmit timestamp:  d3a04688.93710d5e  Fri, Jul  6 2012  0:59:52.575

How do I join

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