Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Debugging gmond issue quickly

If you need to debug gmond issues quickly, use the command

# /usr/sbin/gmond --debug=9

loaded module: core_metrics
loaded module: cpu_module
loaded module: disk_module
loaded module: load_module
loaded module: mem_module
loaded module: net_module
loaded module: proc_module
loaded module: sys_module
loaded module: multicpu_module
udp_recv_channel mcast_join=NULL mcast_if=NULL port=8649 bind=NULL
tcp_accept_channel bind=NULL port=8649
Unable to create tcp_accept_channel. Exiting.

For more information and example see: 
  1. Ganglia Node unable to update Gmetad Node 
  2. Gmond dead but subsys locked for ganglia monitoring daemon

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