Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Good Redbook read - IBM Platform Computing Solutions

A good Redbook read on IBM Platform Computing Solutions. The abstract which is taken from the site,

This IBM® Platform Computing Solutions Redbooks® publication is the first book to describe each of the available offerings that are part of the IBM portfolio of Cloud, analytics, and High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for our clients. This IBM Redbooks publication delivers descriptions of the available offerings from IBM Platform Computing that address challenges for our clients in each industry. We include a few implementation and testing scenarios with selected solutions............

 The chapters are as followed:

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Platform Computing
Chapter 2. Technical computing software portfolio
Chapter 3. Planning
Chapter 4. IBM Platform Load Sharing Facility (LSF) product family
Chapter 5. IBM Platform Symphony
Chapter 6. IBM Platform High Performance Computing
Chapter 7. IBM Platform Cluster Manager Advanced Edition
Appendix A. IBM Platform Computing Message Passing Interface
Appendix B. Troubleshooting examples
Appendix C. IBM Platform Load Sharing Facility add-ons and examples
Appendix D. Getting started with KVM provisioning

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