Friday, April 5, 2013

Chelsio announced Terminator 5 ASIC

Spotlight on 40Gb Ethernet with Terminator 5

Chelsio Announced the Terminator 5 ASIC, a highly integrated, hyper-virtualized 10/40GbE controller built around a programmable protocol-processing engine, with full offload of a complete Unified Wire solution.

Key features of T5
·         Ultra low latency and high IOPs
·         Two 40Gb ports
·         Four 10Gb/1Gb ports
·         PCIe Gen3
·         Concurrent offload of iSCSI, TCP/IP and UDP/IP, FCoE, iWARP RDMA, NAT, vSwitch, Traffic Management and PTP applications
·         Added support for PTP, iWARP 2.0, T10 DIX, NAT
·         Same software on Linux, Windows and FBSD as current T4 ASIC

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