Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Using MOAB mdiag -n to provide state of nodes

mdiag -n command provides detailed information about the state of nodes Moab or MAUi is currently tracking

Name                State  Procs     Memory         Disk          Swap      Speed  Opsys   Arch Par   Load Res Classes                        Network                        Features

Node-c00            Idle   8:8    32161:32161       1:1       62862:64158   2.10  linux [NONE] DEF   0.00 000 [rambutan_8:8][queue_8:8][lemo [DEFAULT]    
Node-c03            Busy   0:8    32161:32161       1:1       62735:64158   2.10  linux [NONE] DEF   8.00 001 [rambutan_8:8][queue_0:8][queue [DEFAULT]

Interesting Columns that I would find especially useful is the STATE, Procs (Available Core), Swap and Load

You can further refine the search

# mdiag -n |grep Busy
# mdiag -n|grep Idle

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