Friday, September 27, 2013

Cisco IOS Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication

Cisco IOS Software Security Advisories are released on the fourth Wednesday of the month in March and September of each calendar year. The publication includes eight Security Advisories that all address vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software. Exploits of the individual vulnerabilities could result in a denial of service (DoS) condition, interface queue wedge, or a device reload.

Release Date : 25Sept 2013

The 8 Security Advisories release are as follows:         
  1. Cisco IOS Software Multicast Network Time Protocol Denial of Service Vulnerability         
  2. Cisco IOS Software Internet Key Exchange Memory Leak Vulnerability          
  3. Cisco IOS Software IPv6 Virtual Fragmentation Reassembly Denial of Service Vulnerability   
  4. Cisco IOS Software DHCP Denial of Service Vulnerability           
  5. Cisco IOS SoftwareZone-Based Firewall and Content Filtering Vulnerability           
  6. Cisco IOS Software Queue Wedge Denial of Service Vulnerability          
  7. Cisco IOS Software Resource Reservation Protocol Interface Queue Wedge Vulnerability         
  8. Cisco IOS Software Network Address Translation Vulnerabilities
More information regarding the security advisory release and workarounds can be found on the link below:

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