Thursday, September 26, 2013

The World's First Hyperscale Server – Based On ARM® Processors

Server that only uses 5 watts of power!

The Boston Viridis uses the ARM® based Calxeda EnergyCore™ SoCs (Server on Chip) to create a
rack mountable 2U server cluster comprising 192 processing cores leading the way towards energy
efƒ cient hyperscale computing.
The Boston Viridis is a self contained, highly extensible, 48 node ultra-low power ARM® cluster with integral high-speed interconnect and storage within a standard single 2U rack mount enclosure.

Each 2U chassis contains a total of 12 Calxeda EnergyCards connected to a common mainboard
sharing power and fabric connectivity. The Calxeda EnergyCard is a single PCB module containing 4
Calxeda EnergyCore™ SoCs; each with 4GB DDR-3 Registered ECC Memory, 4 x SATA connectors and management interfaces.

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Key Features

  • 192 cores per 2U enclosure
  • Ten times the performance at the same power in the same space
  • Cut energy and space by 90%
  • Industry leading low power consumption (<300w li="">
  • 5W Per Node
  • 48 Node Ultra-Low Power Arm Cluster
  • 192 Cores per 2U System

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