Friday, February 28, 2014

Amazon EC2 Console Improvements

EC2 has made some improvement on the console. Do take a look at Amazon Web Services Blog. Some of the features are:

  1. Cloning Security Group Rules
    You can now copy the rules from an existing security group to a new one by selecting the existing rule ad choosing Copy to new from the Actions menu:
  2. Managing Outbound Rules in VPC Security Groups
    You can now edit the outbound rules of a VPC Security Group from within the EC2 console (this operation was previously available from the VPC console):
  3. Deep Linking Across EC2 Resources
    The new deep linking feature lets you easily locate and work with resources that are associated with one another. For example, you can move from an instance to one of its security groups with a single click:
  4. Compare Spot Prices Across AZs
    The updated Spot Pricing History graph makes it easier for you to compare Spot prices across Availability Zones. Simply hover your cursor over the graph and observe the Spot prices across all of the Availability Zones in the Region:
  5. Tagging of Spot Requests
    You can now add tags to requests for EC2 Spot instances:

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