Monday, February 24, 2014

NFS Share getting a (1) appended when adding NFS storage at VCentre

I seems to get be getting this (1) appended to the NFS Share when I enter the NFS storage and volume and Datastore Name at the VCentre "Add Storage" dialogue box. I was using VSphere 5.1 and VCentre 5.1

There are 2 scenarios

Scenario 1 - Case Sensitive for the ServerName
Do look at NFS share getting a (1) appended when adding to a new host in existing datacenter . The solution is due to different caps for the storage name

Scenario 2- Missing "/" for the Storage Folder

For example ( I have this in my existing host):

Folder: vol/vol1
DataStore Name: MyDataStore 

Do note that the volume has already mapped in other hosts. I realized that the correction error was very simple. I missed the "/" in front on the vol/vol1

Folder: /vol/vol1
DataStore Name: MyDataStore 

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