Friday, December 19, 2014

Intel NIC driver causing multicast flooding (intermittent wired network disconnection)

The symptom can range from random disconnection to slowness in the entire school/building wired network. Eventually, the cause of this problem was found to be due to intel-chipset nic card (Intel I2xx/825xx series) sending out erratic & massive multicast traffic, causing flooding of the network and high CPU on the switches. The below link are some url which describe the same problem faced by other user environment:

The recommended step to resolve this problem is to upgrade the intel nic card driver to version 19.0 and above.

  1. IPv6 multicast flood during sleep from i217-LM
  2. ICMPv6 'Multicast Listener Report' messages are flooding the local network 
  3. ICMPv6 'Multicast Listener Report' messages flooding the local network

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