Monday, December 22, 2014

Using log collector in RHEV 3.3 and above to collect full log

The Log Collector Utility for RHEV 3 is located in /usr/bin/rhevm-log-collector and is provided by the rhevm-log-collector package installed on the RHEV manager system.

 1. To collect all the information, use command
# engine-log-collector
INFO: Gathering oVirt Engine information...
INFO: Gathering PostgreSQL the oVirt Engine database and log files from localhost...
Please provide the REST API password for the admin@internal oVirt Engine user (CTRL+D to skip):
About to collect information from 1 hypervisors. Continue? (Y/n): y
INFO: Gathering information from selected hypervisors...
INFO: collecting information from
INFO: finished collecting information from
Creating compressed archive...

2. To collect information from selected hosts ending with ending in .11 and .15
# engine-log-collector --hosts=*.11,*.15

3. To collect information from the RHEV-M only
# engine-log-collector --no-hypervisors

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