Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning MOAB - Using showq

showq displays information about queued jobs including active, eligible, blocked, and/or recently completed jobs. Do note that the -c, -i, and -r flags can be used  Administrator only

Note 1: Display blocked jobs only
> showq -b

Note 2: Display details about recently jobs (by MOAB Admin)
# showq -c

Note 3: Display local and full resource manager job ids. If specified with the -i option, will display job reservation time. (If using MOAB
# show -vi

Note 4: Display jobs associated with specified constraint. Valid constraint include user, group, account, class and qos
> showq -w user=john

Note 5: Display extended details about active (running jobs)
# show -r
S - Job State. Either "R" for Running or "S" for Starting.
PAR - Partition in which job is running.
EFFIC - CPU efficiency of job.
XFACTOR - Current expansion factor of job, where XFactor = (QueueTime + WallClockLimit) / WallClockLimit
Q - Quality Of Service specified for job.
USERNAME - User owning job.
GROUP - Primary group of job owner.
MHOST - Master Host running primary task of job.
PROC  - Number of processors being used by the job.

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