Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning MOAB. What is workload?

When you are doing High Performance Computing or Cloud, the concept of workload is very important. Basically there are 4 kinds of workloads (Taken and summarise from MOAB Admin Guide 5.2)

  1. Batch Workload - With a Batch Job, the job is submitted to a job queue, and is run somewhere on the cluster as resources becomes available
  2. Interactive Workload - Requestors are interested in immediate response and are generally waiting for interactive request to be executed before going on to other activities. To manage interactive jobs, the focus is usually on setting aside resources to guarantee immediate execution or at least a minimal wait time for interactive jobs
  3. Calendar Workload - Calendar workload must be executed at a particular time and possibly in a regular periodic manner. There must be guarantee of resource availability at the needed time to allow calendar jobs to run as required.
  4.  Service Workload - Service workload processes externally generated transaction requests while a scheduler or resource allocation mechanism provides the distributed service with needed resources to meet target backlog or response targets to the service. Examples are web farms etc. 

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