Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pbs node manipulation Revision

It has been a long time since I used torque. I though I pen down some common commands I will used

  • pbsnodes -l (List node names and their state. If no state is specified, only nodes in the DOWN, OFFLINE, or UNKNOWN states are listed. Specifying a state string acts as an output filter. Valid state strings are "active", "all", "busy", "down", "free", "offline", "unknown", and "up". )
  • pbsnodes -o (Add the OFFLINE state. This is different from being marked DOWN. OFFLINE prevents new jobs from running on the specified nodes. This gives the administrator a tool to hold a node out of service without changing anything else. The OFFLINE state will never be set or cleared automatically by pbs_server; it is purely for the manager or operator.)
  • pbsnodes -c (Clear OFFLINE from listed nodes)
  • pbsnodes -a (All attributes of a node or all nodes are listed. This is the default if no flag is given)

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